Call for Entries for the 25th Japanese Essay Contest

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We will once again hold the Japanese Essay Contest this year.

Applicants will receive a free copy of a booklet of prize-winning essays that also contains a list of all applicants (names and affiliations) at the back.


All foreign technical intern trainees and trainees who are residing in Japan during the application period are eligible to participate.
▼Each applicant may enter one essay only, written in person and that has never been published.

2.Application period

April 3, 2017 – May 12, 2017 (entries must arrive by this date)


Open theme (Please write about anything you desire. There is no specified theme.)




3 pages of A4-size 400-character Japanese manuscript paper (max. 1,200 characters).How to Use Japanese Manuscript Paper>>
▼Your essay must be an original copy handwritten by you. Essays typed using a word processor or PC, or photocopied essays will not be accepted.
▼Be sure to title your essay and include your name (in the margin of the manuscript paper).
▼You may write vertically or horizontally.
▼You may use any writing utensil, but if you choose to use pencil, use a 2B grade or darker pencil.

6.How to apply

Complete the designated application form, attach it to your essay, and mail them to the following address.

[Mailing address]
Essay Contest Secretariat,
Training Assistance Division, Human Resources Development  DepartmentJapan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) Igarashi Building 11th floor, 2-11-5 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023

▼You may have someone fill in the application form for you, if you wish.
▼Be sure to fill in all fields in the application form.
▼Applications submitted by fax or email will not be accepted.


First Highest Prize (four or so technical intern trainees/trainees): Letter of commendation and cash award (50,000 yen)
Second Highest Prize (four or so technical intern trainees/trainees): Letter of commendation and cash award (30,000 yen)
Third Highest Prize (20 or so technical intern trainees/trainees): Letter of commendation and cash award (20,000 yen)
▼In addition to the above, some essays will be selected for honorable mention and receive a commemorative gift.
▼Prize-winning and honorable mention essays will be compiled into a booklet titled, The Award-winning Essays Collection of the Japanese Essay Contest.

8.Announcement of winners

Winners will be notified through their accepting organization. At the same time, their names will be posted on the JITCO website in late-August 2017.


(1) JITCO will not respond to any inquiries concerning the screening process.
(2)Entries that do not satisfy the application requirements will not be screened.
(3)Personal information that is entered on the application form will be used only within the scope necessary for JITCO to administer the contest.
(4)Submitted essays will not be returned.
(5) JITCO retains the copyright to all submitted essays.


Training Assistance Division, Human Resources Development Department
Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) Phone: 03-4306-1183 / Fax: 03-4306-1115