About Member Registration and Cancellation

Q. I am not a Japanese teacher. Can I still sign up?

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A. You can register even if you are not teaching Japanese. However, since Teaching Materials ひろば is a website for those giving instruction in Japanese, it is not suited for those who are looking to start studying Japanese.

Q. There is only one email address for the company, but there are three people in charge of Japanese language instruction.

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A. Even if the email address is the same, each member can register individually as long as the account names are different. Please use different account names for each person, because it will be convenient when, for instance, you want to use the “Favorites” function to collect your preferred teaching materials for your own use.

Q. I forgot my account name.

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A. You can sign up again with a different account name. You will not be able to access the “Favorites” page you created under the old account name, though, so please be careful not to forget your account name.

Q. I forgot my password.

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A. Click “Forgot your password?” on the login screen, and follow the instructions given.

Q. My affiliated organization has changed.

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A. After logging in, modify the information yourself via the “Edit Your Registered Information” page.

Q. How can I cancel my membership?

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A. Please contact the JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろば Secretary General via the “Inquiries” page.

About Teaching and Other Materials

Q. I cannot download the teaching materials.

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A. To view the PDF files of みどり and other materials requires the Adobe Reader software by Adobe Systems. (Download it here.)

Q. How can I use the downloaded voice files in the classroom?

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A. To listen to them in the classroom requires connection to a speaker or the like. Please seehere.

Q. Even with the teaching materials, I do not know how to teach.

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A. JITCO offers a Seminar on Japanese Instruction in locations across Japan. We also present on how to conduct classes using these ひろば teaching materials. We welcome your participation.

Please inquire here for any other points you are unclear on.