How to Use JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろば

Welcome to JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろば!

JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろばis a website provided by JITCO (Japan International Trainee & Skilled Worker Cooperation Organization) to support those who teach Japanese to technical intern trainees in Japan and overseas.

About JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろば

Intended Users
This website is intended to be used by those who are in a position to teach Japanese to technical intern trainees, and especially those who have little experience exclusively studying methods of teaching Japanese to people from other countries. The site can be used both by native Japanese speakers and native speakers of other languages.
There is a button in the upper-right of each page that allows you to select the site language.
Note:The teaching materials themselves will only be offered in Japanese, but they will be written in as simple Japanese as possible.
Member registration is free. Signing up as a memberallows you to use all the teaching materials for free.
Also, since each user who signs up as a member gets his or her own “My Page,” adding the teaching materials you use often to your “Favorites” on that page eliminates the trouble of searching for the same materials over and over.
Note: Please take care not to forget your account name and password.
The content on JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろば is divided into “Teaching Materials” and “Information.” In the Teaching Materials section, there are three types of materials: “みどり: Japanese for Technical Intern Trainees,” “Learning Activities,” and “Other Materials.”
Teaching Materials
All teaching materials can be viewed and downloaded after logging in.
At the download pages for each of the teaching materials, you can also view the learning activities and other materials related to the teaching materials.

  • みどり: Japanese for Technical Intern Trainees
    This can be used in the classroom as it is, as the main textbook for lectures; we offer a total of 32 lessons in the book.
    Usage of the textbook is explained in more detail in About みどり. (Reading the link requires member registration.)
  • Learning Activities
    When you would like to do a certain type of practice, such as listening or speaking, or when you have a little extra time in the classroom, these teaching materials can be utilized for Japanese study at businesses. (For now we are offering primarily teaching materials that can be used in classes that are using the みどり textbook.)
  • Other Materials
    These include illustrations and other items that can be used in classes. They can also be used for making your own materials to meet the needs of your worksite.
Here we provide tips for teaching Japanese and other information useful in daily instruction.