JITCO’s Japanese Education Assistance

Japan International Trainee & Skilled Worker Cooperation Organization (JITCO) provides an array of services and projects to support technical intern trainees in their acquisition of Japanese. Please view each link for details.
(Sorry, these pages are only available in Japanese.)

Seminar on Japanese Instruction

What should the learning goals of Japanese language courses be, and how should they be taught? This seminar presents how to use the JITCO original Japanese textbook みどり: Japanese for Technical Intern Trainees on this site, and covers actual Japanese instruction while practicing in class.

Japanese Essay Contest

As part of our assistance to technical intern trainees in their acquisition of Japanese, this contest receives numerous applications each year. The winners are recognized at the JITCO Exchange Convention and endowed with prize money and other awards.

Development and Publishing of Teaching Materials

In addition to the teaching materials provided at this site, JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろば, we also develop and publish printed teaching materials. Besides Japanese teaching materials, we also have textbooks and glossaries in specialized fields. Please see the Guide to Teaching Materials or details.

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