Website Policy and Membership Terms

Website Policy

JITCO Japanese Teaching Materials ひろば (hereinafter, “Teaching Materials ひろば”) is a website operated by the Japan International Trainee & Skilled Worker Cooperation Organization (hereinafter, “JITCO”) for the purpose of furnishing Japanese language instructors at organizations concerned (sending organizations, supervising organizations, organizations implementing technical intern training, Japanese language teaching institutions, etc.) in Japan and overseas related to teaching Japanese to technical intern trainees with teaching materials, other materials, and information helpful in teaching Japanese to technical intern trainees free of charge so that they may be used effectively.

Membership Terms

In order to use the teaching materials provided by Teaching Materials ひろば, each user must agree to the Membership Terms and register as a member. Users will be considered to have agreed to these Terms starting from the time when they register as members.

JITCO may also modify these Terms, but in such event a notification of changes will be posted on this Website. A registered user will be considered to have agreed to the modified Terms starting from the first time he or she accesses and uses this Website after such a notification of changes is posted.

  1. Definitions
    Within these Terms, “registered user” refers to any person who has registered as a member of Teaching Materials ひろば.
  2. Member Registration
    There is no registration fee for users when they register as members. Users must provide personal information, including their e-mail address, native language, and affiliated organization, in order to register. When registered information has changed, the registered user shall make changes online on his or her own.
  3. Personal Information
    Personal information provided during member registration shall be handled in accordance with the Teaching Materials ひろば Agreement on the Handling of Personal Information.
  4. Management of Account names and Passwords
    The account name and password of each registered user shall be managed on his or her own responsibility.
  5. Cancellation of Registration
    If a registered user wishes to cancel his or her registration, the registered user shall notify JITCO via the Teaching Materials ひろば Inquiries page on his or her own.
  6. Prohibited Uses
    Registered users are prohibited from all of the following actions in using Teaching Materials ひろば.

    • Infringing on JITCO’s copyrights
    • Sending harmful computer programs, viruses, or the like
    • Crimes and other acts that offend public order or morals
    • Libel or defamation of a third party or JITCO itself
    • Political activities, election campaigns, or similar activities
    • Actions directly aimed at disseminating religion or specific ideological claims
    • Any other actions that interfere, or may interfere, with the usage or operation of this Website
  7. Compensation for Damages, Deletion of Registration
    If a registered user violates any of the abovementioned provisions and JITCO incurs damages, JITCO may demand compensation to such registered user for the damages. JITCO may also delete such registered user’s registration.

Usage Environment

The Internet access, computer, and other equipment necessary to use this Website shall be prepared at the user’s expense. The recommended browser is Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.

Moreover, some pages on this Website use PDF files, which require the special software Adobe Reader to view.

※A Note about Cookies
Cookies are a system that websites use to temporarily write data through a browser to a user’s computer and store it there so that when the user revisits the website, the website can read the user’s information from their computer. This Website uses cookies for authentication of registered users. Users must configure their browsers to accept cookies in order to log in. (Please check your browser’s “Help” menu for details on how to configure settings related to cookies.)


  • JITCO makes no guarantees concerning the information, teaching materials, etc. provided at Teaching Materials ひろば.
  • JITCO shall not be liable for any damages that the user may incur due to use of Teaching Materials ひろば.
  • JITCO shall not be held responsible for any problems that arise among users or between users and third parties. We ask that the parties to any such problems resolve the matter amongst themselves.
  • The content at Teaching Materials ひろば is subject to change or deletion at any time, without notice. Furthermore, the service may be suspended due to system failure or other disturbances. JITCO shall not be liable for any damages resulting from such disturbances.

Supplementary Provision

These Terms go into effect on September 1, 2010.